UMW Jepson Science Center Addition & Renovation

  • Size: 70,186 SF
  • LEED Silver certified

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Independence Construction
Construction Manager
University of Mary Washington
Commonwealth Architects | The SLAM Collaborative

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The three-story, 41,667 SF addition to the four-story Jepson Science Center provides new academic space for the Earth and Environmental Sciences and Physics departments, including 16 new labs and 3 new classrooms.

The Earth and Environmental Sciences suite includes a central classroom that is connected to a wet lab on one side and a clean microscopy room on the other, allowing for opportunities to blend lecture and hands-on activities during class times.

The exterior design of the addition reflects the classic architecture of UMW’s campus, but with large floor-to-ceiling windows that provide natural light in both classrooms and labs.

The wide, glass-walled connecting corridors between the original building and the addition provide gathering and study areas for students. On the third floor, there are large panel screens with laptop connections that allow groups of students to work on projects together.

The existing building continues to house the Biology and Chemistry departments and now features classrooms, laboratories, lecture halls, computer labs, and office spaces that have been upgraded to provide a 21st century facility fitting the needs of these STEM departments.

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