Vocon Office Renovation

  • Size: 17,000 SF
  • LEED Gold certified

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Independence Construction
Construction Manager
Owner and Architect

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This project involved the fit-out of a two-story space, including meeting areas, office space, and a fully equipped kitchen. The design of the renovated space has very modern elements, emphasizing the use of open spaces and vivid solid colors. Many of the walls of the existing space had to be removed in order to create the vast open areas that are intended to support a team environment.

A steel-framed, square stairwell that features bamboo treads and is lighted from above with ornate, oblong lamps is a main focal point of the office. In addition, decorative gypsum soffits surround much of the space, creating a three-dimensional aspect.

The kitchen's free-form table is illuminated by a matching soffit above, while a rooftop deck on the second floor provides an outdoor eating area. A new soundproof conference room features high-tech audiovisual components including a built-in projector.

The project's design maximizes daylight with plentiful windows and daylight access, while utilizing renewable energy resources. A full 89% of construction materials came from regional sources, and the office’s parking lot hosts six reserved spaces for fuel-efficient or low-emitting vehicles.

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